Fat Shark RECON V3 FPV Brille FSV1131-3


Fat Shark RECON V3 FPV Brille FSV1131-3

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Fat Shark RECON V3 FPV Brille FSV1131-3

The Recon line of panel goggles are a great entry level FPV headset. They are simple, affordable, and have an ultra-immersive FOV. The Recon V3 has an
integrated four band, 32-channel receiver and USB charging. It puts ease-of-use first and lets pilots focus on the full FPV experience without worrying about
extra charging cables or accessory components.

Version 3 of the Recon Goggles is a very mature design. It has an included onboard DVR, uses an integrated channel scanner to pick up the strongest video
feed and has an improved 800 x 480 TFT resolution display for a crisper image. The onboard OSD shows video signal strength, battery lifetime, and selected
channel. The Recon V3 is the ideal choice for a new pilot looking for a high quality headset.


Technische Daten:


  • Sichtfeld): 55°
  • Format: 16:9

Mikro Display:

  • Display: WQVGA 4.3Zoll Display
  • Auflösung : 800 X 480 TFT


  • DVR:
    • analoge Video Aufnahme
    • SD Karten Unterstützung bis 32GB (AVI file)
    • Unterstützt die Wiedergabe mit der Brille
    • Firmware Update über SD Karte
  • Wireless Receiver:  40 channels, single high sensitive receiver including RaceBand frequencies(auto scan and find strongest channel)
  • OSD: channel info, RSSI info and battery status (disappear after 4s, press any button to show up)
  • Interfaces:
    • USB charge port
    • Micro-SD card slot
  • Color: Black and white

What´s included:

  • RECON V3 Headset
  • 5.8G diople antenna
  • 18650 2600mAh Li-ion Battery(built-in headset)

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